X-Men the Anime

It was right after that devastating tsunami in Japan that the X-Men Anime debuted on television, April 1st.  This is the third installment from the much anticipated Marvel and Madhouse collaboration, the four serials namely, Iron Man, Wolverine, X-men and soon Blade.  I have watched a couple of episodes from the first two mini-series but was really disappointed with Wolverine in particular.  There had been nothing in resemblance to the uncanny Wolverine we always admired and wanted to see in action.

Putting the disappointment aside, finally here comes X-Men the Anime. I was so psyched after seeing the trailer as it looked like a promising adaptation of the famous American produced animation. There had been a few differences aesthetically, well, I may say “huge” since it’s anime but it remained loyal to the series I personally have been following since I was very young. Ureshii desu!!  The designers from Madhouse did a really good job at this one; sticking true to the original and of course not losing the elements of what the world came to embrace as Japanese animation or simply called “anime”.

I still am a fan of the western animation though but I’m mostly impressed with its anime counterpart. At a glance one could already tell which is which including the low-cost anime projects that I’ve seen.  Anime just keeps on getting better! Well, let me talk about the differences next time. What I really wanted to say is that, I feel nostalgic with the X-Men currently airing. It has been a dream come true for me to see then made into an anime! Leave it to the praiseworthy Madhouse; why of course, they made most of my CLAMP famous written animes such as Cardcaptor Sakura, Kobato and much more. Saikou!

Would you agree with me that aesthetic differences aside, this adaptation has more substance story-wise than the original? It has more depth than just seeing incomprehensible combat action all the time.

I may as well write about it, now if I can just spare a little of my time.


Snake Fruit it is!

Astounded by the creepy and prickly feeling  on my hand, I let out a low shriek at something my friend handed me when I wasn’t looking!  It was a Sunday and we’re off to witness a martial  arts  demo at the same school we’re both attending.  “What the hell was that?”  An obvious reaction, yes.

Salak by Matt Molloy

A friend of his gave him a strange looking fruit that’s brownish red in color and it’s kinda hairy and spiky at the same time. It’s a bit hard, elongated and it’s just a size bigger than my thumb. I really thought it was sort of a prank since I’ve never seen the likes of it around my country but he was told it was brought in from Thailand and was also said to bring good luck. I doubt the latter though but maybe.

I was really intrigued by this strange fruit which I can’t get the name of, not even from the person who gave it. I finally sat down a couple of minutes ago and searched over the internet about it and voila, it has been found! No wonder it’s covering resembles like that of the snake’s since it really is a “snake fruit” and it’s real name is Salak.

Surprisingly, in spite of its tough covering, opening it was such a cinch. It smelled like tamarind at first and it’s a sour one indeed. I’ve read that the fruit is one of the favorites and is usually something that’s being brought in as a take home gift, I wonder why.  Honestly, I vowed not to open it but I have to taste it for myself in order to write this post. I may need to eat a cluster to truly appreciate it and maybe then I may change my impression.

On Gaga’s Newest Scheiße!

A pinch of some 80’s heavy rock and retro pop-dance tune, a mixture of some goth-like and metal synth banging with club beats, some elements of spoken foreign verses and of course Lady Gaga’s signature vocals are some things to be expected in her newest album dubbed “Born This Way” to be released a bit later tonight.

FarmVille users sure are lucky enough to have a listen to the whole album fist-hand.  Count me in, I suppose.  Who would have thought getting back to farming would bring some life to the usual boring stuff.  Kidding, I love FV the same! GagaVille, yeah!   Enough of that though.

I’m not much of a Lady Gaga’s fan nor her music is one of my kind but admittedly her album “Fame” in 2008 had me tapping my heels along with it.  The collaborations are so good and same is true with this album which I heard was inspired of some big icons in the music industry, probably just in a different light.

Listening to the tracks, I’ve recognized some of her pre-released singles, and of course the carrier, “Born this Way”.  It’s also a  little bit overwhelming to hear a Latin-sounding track “Americano”, obviously since it has spoken Spanish and English at the same time, which reminded me of the basic paso-doble and flamenco dances we did in high school.

Here comes ” scheiße” or  scheisse, I thought I heard it wrong but it came to me that Gaga’s actually articulating a German term for the vulgar word meaning sh*t or f*ck! Incidentally, it’s one of the few terms I knew of the language and I was right.

Among all the tracks in the album, I prefer the ballady type “You and I” which I later knew it really did contain some elements of Queen’s “We Will Rock You” as I’ve read in wiki; no wonder the familiarity. The rest of the tracks are not that appealing to me though.

Summing up, the album gives off a feeling of chaos or just a tinge of it.  I can’t rate it with flying colors in comparison to “The Fame.” I was expecting a stunner from her or anything that would overshadow her past works but I was left hanging.  This isn’t her best album I could tell and everyone is entitled to their own opinion anyways.  Just sayin’.