But You Don’t Look Your Age!

“For real? But you don’t look like it!,” I burst out for a second unbelieving what I just heard. “How time flies,” I thought to myself.

I can’t help but feel so amused at the recollection of an exchange that has transpired just a little recently between my colleagues at work, pertaining our ages!  We have been so busy with our own lives that rare conversations as this is worth a happy memory.

credits: denigma.de

Everyone was so eager, looking forward for that certain event which would mark a huge history for the network I was currently identified with and our future endeavors as well. As we’re nearing a new chapter of our lives hopefully months from now, talks about how we wish to spend the rest of our career surfaced.

“You still have a long way to go, you’re still young and capable. This might be the final stretch for us veterans in this industry,”  my manager of late fifties blurted in the middle of the meet.  And so it went on and the convo diverted to the length of service each has rendered to the company and our ages as another segue!

I was surprised when I heard my two girlfriends claimed, they’ve been with the company for about fifteen years and counting.  “Yes, we’re already in our late thirties, Miss, Julie and I!” my friend Ann confirmed.  “Miss Jane is in her mid-thirties and you’re the youngest among us all.”

Info overload! It felt like my brain has been frozen for years and breaking free at that instant.  I looked at both girls and made an estimation, they hardly aged! Ann has still that supple and unwrinkled face and the vigor that of a twenty year old, though complaining about frequent memory gaps; and Julie is the epitome of sexiness as she’s still oozing with charm and curves and in spite being a mother of two. Jane, is still the same carefree gal and an otaku like myself as she was years earlier. They’re all aging gracefully, I must say.

How about me? My, I’ve realized I’ve forgotten counting my own years and I can’t believe I’ve reached this far.  Another thing that struck me was that I have spent almost half my entire life knowing only this career and that’s more than a decade! I felt sentimental all of a sudden, feeling thankful and blessed, this being my first and only job since I got out of college.

Is there anything I’ve left out?  I hate describing myself, duh! In the dojo, a couple of years back, they’ve mistaken me for a seventeen year old; in the international forums they thought I was nineteen and now, I don’t really care about what other people think.  I don’t fear aging, and I vow to enjoy what life has to offer as it gets me older.

Everything will eventually be lost in time, beauty included but it’s not really that bad to keep ourselves in the best shape as possible. For in the long run, it should be as the saying goes: Beauty cannot be seen nor touched but can only be felt in the heart, sort of like that.


Cranking Up This Place Once More!

Photo Credits: fabafter40. tumblr.com

Credits: Fab After Forty @ Tumblr

How long has it been? Three years? Four years? Either way, it’s awfully that long since I’ve set my foot in here and I really am pumped up to tear this place up again!

It’s definitely a different thing when you get a hold of the things you are passionate about once more. Blogging has once been my life for a couple of years and I just can’t wait to get started. The raves, the rants, the whatsits and whatnots, my I’ve missed those! The overwhelming adrenaline rush and the overloading of ideas waiting to be documented here make me all excited like a newbie in this field.

Needless to say more and speaking like I’ve got all the time in my hands, let the revving up of this space begin! Just fixing a few glitches here and there and we’re down to business. Hell yeah, there’s no stopping me — ready, set, one, two, three, yay me!!