Ideal Woman Looks You Say? Que Horror!

It’s such a no-brainer that women by nature are inclined into making themselves beautiful irregardless of personal motives, style, race, and culture. It’s called thriving to mark their existence in this ever scrutinizing society and in their quest to gain favorable attention particularly from the opposites, that, if they’re straight.

I am a woman and so I knew.  This applies on some men too!

Cosmetics that comes in almost all imaginable forms is the easiest option one would take to achieve that coveted look, to be beautiful.  Salons specializing on make ups and hairdo’s, cosmetic surgery and dentistry, wellness spas and gyms, clothing lines and couturiers, shoes and bag brands, etcetera, they’re all making good money these days courtesy of us women sacrificing ourselves for the sake of the so-called beauty.

It may take a lot of arduous work and it could cost a lot of fortune to achieve one’s goal of beautifying oneself.  It could go from painless to the painful extreme, to the extent of taking out a rib or cutting a toe. But somehow some women can never be contented.  We own the mirror almost and sometimes curse at the reflection for being ugly or lacking and then we often got to spot something that calls for work. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder is it not?

Lucky are those that are blessed with natural beauty who could go sans make up everyday but still would look beautiful no matter their age, their complexion, their outfit.  I personally don’t favor makeups but it has given some women the channel to express themselves and feel good as well. Who wouldn’t? It’s a dilemma for some though who’s got little time in their hands and still has to spend those precious ticks doing cover ups in almost every waking day. It’s a unanimous wish that somehow we could just trot to and fro, never ever worrying about our looks and won’t ever be bothered by bad hair days and the likes.

Now, can anything be more ridiculous than one popular cosmetics company answering to the call for beauty? The “ideal woman look” masks made of rubber to replace everyday make up routines? That’s just ridiculous! It scared the hell out of me seeing those masks as if it were from a horror movie!


What gives? Imagine all women wearing those masks. There are endless possibilities of them using the thing to rob a bank or spark terrorism and most of all, terrifying the gut out of you when you meet the same painted face in every turn you take and worse, when there’s a crack already between reality and your sanity. Goodness gracious!

You call this stylish and most advanced? It’s even far from making one instantly pretty! Could there be any worse invention than this?  Now, burn all those make-ups and yeah, all hail this stupid painted face mask, if you dare!


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