Agnes’s The Unicorn Song

Critics A.O. Scott of the New York Times and Mick LaSalle of the San Francisco Chronicle mouthed the exact observations I’ve had upon seeing this film for the first time.  You may be able to read some good reviews for the movie as well as some intense critical estimations (theirs) for the movie at Wiki.

I feared would be disappointed all throughout the duration of the film since its a bit uneventful and there’s nothing really to spark one’s interest.  Except one —  the cute and fluffy Agnes!

Among the three girls, she’s the gentler one, the most innocent, so sweet I could actually bite her!  Come to think of it, it wasn’t Gru’s line that has become the most quoted line from which the movie became popular but it’s her’s.  “It’s so fluffy, I’m gonna die~!”

I’m not about to elaborate further but Agnes is the embodiment of fluffiness and cuteness!  She would be the main reason I would want to sit down and watch another rerun!  Well, we both have something in common, our names (she got one of mine!) and our fondness for unicorns! Now you know! Lolz!!

Unicorns, I love them, Uni-uni-unicorns, I lo-lo-love them..~!!


Despicable Me: A Hunky-Dory Movie

One 3D Movie that was hyped a long ago,
Came in satisfactorily when it finally had a go.
I was right to give it the benefit of the doubt,
As it delivered smiles and tugged some strings in me all throughout.

Carried away for a second by Gru’s story telling, the movie indeed is a feel good thing.  Now wait, why do I keep on rhyming?

I’ve seen the movie like three times now and it seemed that Illumination and Universal delivered the stuff really well. Though  remarkable it is when it comes to CGI, I found beak-like noses not so impressive and  the substance of the story is a bit lacking.  No doubt a sequel has been recently announced.

Overall, there had been good and and not so good reviews for the movie.  I’m not about to spoil everything for the benefit of those who haven’t seen it yet (to think it’s been almost three months!) but most of the juicy cuts of the movie, you’ve already seen in the trailer.  The first time I actually watched it, I was like, “Oh yeah?” and “Hmm..” until the concluding part!  “Oh my god! Not now!” That was exactly my line in response to a tearjerker scene which obviously moved me to tears!

Now if you’re looking for something that’s out of the ordinary, characters per se, a karate-junkie granny/momma who prides herself of a super-villain son, a grungy and a slowpoke scientist sidekick and a rival villain that I thought was a joke, then you must go and see the movie! But pretty please give the movie a chance, for cutie Agnes!

In fairness, the movie’s OST is really cool! I love all the tracks in it and came to appreciate Pharell as an artist even more! I’ve been listening to it in loops since I downloaded the album somewhere on the interwebs (thanks to a generous friend-source) and just couldn’t get tired listening to it. Listen to a sampler below, Despicable Me — the main theme of the movie.

That’s all folks!  Now, good night, sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite! >;D

Despica-ahhck! It’s So Fluffy!

“I’m so fluffy, I’m gonna die!”

How ’bout me saying exactly that?  That’s just.. so despicable of me!  Hold it, “me'”s not the “me” really but that’s the name of the movie!  Oh well, how do I put it?  And so, the countdown begins for the fluffiest 3D movie of the year!  It’s gonna be Despicable Me!

Nothing really beats Pixar when we talk about 3D animation with its in-depth story lines and scenes which can draw everybody’s heart-strings and more. Skeptic just like everyone else, I’d like to give Universal the benefit of the doubt. The trailer seemed promising enough and might guarantee everyone a good laugh. I’ve just known this movie not a couple of hours ago and it’s not Gru, the super-villain lead character that caught my attention but this carefree little girl called Agnes. Never thought the name could be anything but cute! I wonder why! :3

The plot of the story is about Gru, as I’ve said who plans to pull out the evilest stunt of the century–stealing the moon.  Until Margo, Edith and the fluffiest, Agnes barged into his life and who knows what.  The trailer’s kind of predictable with all those hints being dropped but still I’m gonna watch this one, yeah!  July 9 it is!

Uhm, since when have I started going and seeing the movies again?

Watch the trailer here.