X-Men the Anime

It was right after that devastating tsunami in Japan that the X-Men Anime debuted on television, April 1st.  This is the third installment from the much anticipated Marvel and Madhouse collaboration, the four serials namely, Iron Man, Wolverine, X-men and soon Blade.  I have watched a couple of episodes from the first two mini-series but was really disappointed with Wolverine in particular.  There had been nothing in resemblance to the uncanny Wolverine we always admired and wanted to see in action.

Putting the disappointment aside, finally here comes X-Men the Anime. I was so psyched after seeing the trailer as it looked like a promising adaptation of the famous American produced animation. There had been a few differences aesthetically, well, I may say “huge” since it’s anime but it remained loyal to the series I personally have been following since I was very young. Ureshii desu!!  The designers from Madhouse did a really good job at this one; sticking true to the original and of course not losing the elements of what the world came to embrace as Japanese animation or simply called “anime”.

I still am a fan of the western animation though but I’m mostly impressed with its anime counterpart. At a glance one could already tell which is which including the low-cost anime projects that I’ve seen.  Anime just keeps on getting better! Well, let me talk about the differences next time. What I really wanted to say is that, I feel nostalgic with the X-Men currently airing. It has been a dream come true for me to see then made into an anime! Leave it to the praiseworthy Madhouse; why of course, they made most of my CLAMP famous written animes such as Cardcaptor Sakura, Kobato and much more. Saikou!

Would you agree with me that aesthetic differences aside, this adaptation has more substance story-wise than the original? It has more depth than just seeing incomprehensible combat action all the time.

I may as well write about it, now if I can just spare a little of my time.