Snake Fruit it is!

Astounded by the creepy and prickly feeling  on my hand, I let out a low shriek at something my friend handed me when I wasn’t looking!  It was a Sunday and we’re off to witness a martial  arts  demo at the same school we’re both attending.  “What the hell was that?”  An obvious reaction, yes.

Salak by Matt Molloy

A friend of his gave him a strange looking fruit that’s brownish red in color and it’s kinda hairy and spiky at the same time. It’s a bit hard, elongated and it’s just a size bigger than my thumb. I really thought it was sort of a prank since I’ve never seen the likes of it around my country but he was told it was brought in from Thailand and was also said to bring good luck. I doubt the latter though but maybe.

I was really intrigued by this strange fruit which I can’t get the name of, not even from the person who gave it. I finally sat down a couple of minutes ago and searched over the internet about it and voila, it has been found! No wonder it’s covering resembles like that of the snake’s since it really is a “snake fruit” and it’s real name is Salak.

Surprisingly, in spite of its tough covering, opening it was such a cinch. It smelled like tamarind at first and it’s a sour one indeed. I’ve read that the fruit is one of the favorites and is usually something that’s being brought in as a take home gift, I wonder why.  Honestly, I vowed not to open it but I have to taste it for myself in order to write this post. I may need to eat a cluster to truly appreciate it and maybe then I may change my impression.